SMS Marketing
promoting and informing clients

SMS Marketing on the phone

With SMSSphere app you can manage and send messages to your clients directly from your phone.

Key elements

Fast and reliable, SMSSphre app keeps you updated with message status.

Who is this for?

Either company or person, all could find this app very useful to promote and informing clients.

Always informed

Stay connected with stats about sent, unsent or pending messages.

Login to your dashboard and manage your account online.

Check sent messages information


SMSSphere app offers you data about sent or pending messages directly on your phone.

Check for fancy graphs about activity for last 30 days or in last day. (see pending messages, unsent messages, waiting for delivery and more)

Check message status

Real-time monitoring for message status

Activity graphs

SMSSphere app displays activity grapth, so you have a view-at-a-glance style model.

Managing app account

Manage your account, change or add new API keys, init marketing campaigns and many more.

Automatic/manual sync of messages

SMSSphere app gives you the opportunity to sync messages with server automatically or manually.

View pending messages

You can manage list of pending messages

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Grow your bussiness

We know that is very important to you to keep clients updated about your services and products. Your SMSSphere stack is just here to help.